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What the BEEP?

I went to CVS yesterday with the intention of buying Halloween candy just in case I got any trick or treaters. As a first time homeowner living in a new neighborhood, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. As it turns out we didn't get any... zero... zilch... but that's not really the point of my story.

What I wound up getting was way too much stuff during what turned out to be a very frantic, anxiety- ridden shopping trip. I blame the incessant BEEPING sound that was coming from the hygiene/makeup section that could be heard in every corner of the store. It must've been connected to some sort of motion sensor but it was being erratic and driving me absolutely insane. The last time I experienced something similar to this was inside a H&M store in Nashville. There was a very loud beeping sound coming from the check out and I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes and feeling very guilty about it. Something happens to me when my focus is derailed and instead of ignoring disruptive sounds like a normal person, I end up making very stupid/rash decisions! I know it seems ridiculous and if this story leaks out to any retailers I might be kicking myself for letting them in on my little secret: Consumer Overindulgence Disorder. I could wind up hearing obnoxious beeps wherever I go.

One hundred dollars later, I was feeling defeated and left the store with my bags in tow wondering what the hell happened. I just went in for CANDY! Later, after the sun had gone down and not a single ghost or witch or fairy princess had rang my doorbell, my husband came home. “Trick or treat!” he said with a huge smile. I told him about the madness that occurred at CVS and he just laughed. He later asked if he could have a reese's cup and I said, “No, I'm returning it all tomorrow.”

(*Please don't feel sorry for him or think that I'm a terrible person... I had backup chocolate in the fridge.)

In conclusion, the cashier at CVS this morning was very friendly and refunded all my stupid impulse buys.

“Didn't have any trick or treaters, huh?” She said with a smile.

“Nope, not a single one.”

I noticed the beeping was nonexistent today, as l left the store empty handed.

Grocery stores, shopping malls... they all give me crazy anxiety. Having an overabundance of things to choose from is overwhelming to me. Does anyone else struggle with this? And don't even get me started on holiday shopping. Lord help me.

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